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Welcome! I am announcing the creation of a new political party and movement to help in moving toward World freedom and the freeing up of; borders, choices, hope, creativity, information, justice, understanding, tolerance and legitimate representation for all human beings on this planet. It is well beyond the time for mankind to move into the light, advance as a species and not have privileges self-reserved for only the few or elite.


NONE presently except: WAKE UP! STAND UP!! BE VOCAL and don't back down or stop!!! TAKE BACK YOUR COUNTRY NOW!!! (TBYCN) & TAKE BACK AMERICA NOW!!! (TBAN) - Start using these Acronyms to let people know you know, and you care for; LIBERTY, FREEDOM, the United States of America and it's real CONSTITUTION!!! BUT : on the Science News Front this year: Live Feed of 'Mars InSight Lander' Landing on surface of Mars from NASA --- First part is introduction and info concerning Mission (with Audio/video) , and then illustrations and pre-landing readiness (with no Audio), then coverage of actual landing from Mars via JPLaboratory with Audio/Video), then post-Landing discussions , pics and data with further explanations and discussions --- LCICK onLink above to see coverage from JPLaboratory for Mission, Ca. Insti. of Techn.


We must dismiss our "supernatural", organized religious, nationalistic, racial, sexual, emotive, ignorant, dividing misconceptions. They only allow the mean-natured or greedy "aware" to confuse, mislead, divide and easily manipulate others. We must develope and avail education, reasoning, logic and rationality for all the people of the World, so they will be armed with "awareness", thus not allowing spokesperson representation, Government institutions, organized families, elitist (or the elitist's representatives), organizations or individuals to subvert or oppress them or their evolvement and possibilites for a creative loving, happy, enjoyable life.
There is now a chance for most people around the World to wake up and embrace; rationality, knowledge, understanding and wisdom = REALITY (The Real Unity)! Others can quickly come aboard to freedom as they are educated and motivated by their new and changing World surroundings. - JMR

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